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Top 5 Vegan Chocolates

Vegan chocolate is a delicious treat that is free of animal-based additives. Instead of using milk, eggs, or honey, it contains cacao, roasted nuts, coconut, and dried fruit. There are many benefits of vegan chocolate, including no artificial sweeteners or flavorings. Vegan chocolate can be eaten right out of the fridge or stored in a closed container for up to a month. It is also high in nutrients and is packed with natural ingredients.

Sweet Vegan

Sweet Vegan Chocolates is a company that believes that food is a taste experience and only the best organic ingredients should be used. The company’s handmade desserts are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a guilt-free sweet treat. Their handmade vegan desserts are made with 70% dark chocolate and organic ingredients.


Conexion is a small company that sources organic cacao from farmers cooperatives in Ecuador. They pay a premium for the cacao beans so that the fine varieties can be preserved. They use the heirloom Nacional cacao to create a bar that combines notes of pineapple and tropical fruit. The best vegan chocolate gifts flavor is balanced by flakes of pink salt. Each bar contains 1.76 ounces of chocolate and 60 to 70 calories.


UNREAL is a vegan snack company that combines chocolate and nuts in delicious and healthy ways. They are made from cocoa that is ethically sourced and contains no artificial flavours, colors, or preservatives. Their chocolates contain up to 51% less sugar than most leading chocolate brands. They also use sustainable palm oil and cocoa butter.

Hotel Chocolat

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you might want to try Hotel Chocolat’s vegan chocolates. They have recently introduced a new line of plant-based bars and slabs. These include the Dark Chocolate Orange 70% Selecto r, which combines citrus tang with 70% dark chocolate, and the Enrobed Mango, which is a mix of mango liqueur and chocolate.


Vivani chocolate is made with organic ingredients and is free of artificial colourings and emulsifiers. These vegan chocolates are handcrafted to ensure the highest quality. They are created by Andreas Meyer, CEO of Ludwig Weinrich, a company with more than a century of experience making chocolate. Despite being a vegan product, Vivani chocolates may contain traces of milk, nuts, gluten, and dairy.

Nebula Snacks

The company behind Nebula Snacks creates vegan chocolate bars with zero sugar and no artificial ingredients. This makes their products Better For Humans and Better For the Earth. All of their products are shipped in eco-friendly packaging.


Taza vegan chocolates are an ethical and delicious treat for those with a vegan lifestyle or who are sensitive to dairy. Their almond milk chocolate and dark chocolate are great choices for people with a sweet tooth. They also come in festive flavors and attractive gift packaging. The ingredients used to make these delicious treats are also ethically sourced.