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How to Choose a Painter for House Painting

There are many factors to consider when hiring a professional painter for a house painting job. Some of them include the square footage that will need to be covered, equipment costs, and preparation before painting. Considering these factors will help you choose the right painter for the job. Here are some tips: Read reviews, ask questions, and prepare your home before the job.

Cost per square foot

The cost per square foot for house painting varies widely. Typically, textured walls will cost more per square foot than smooth walls. This is because they require more paint and a longer paint job. It is also more expensive to paint ceilings and trim. The cost may also increase if you have a large home.

Another factor that can affect the cost per square foot is the type of paint that you use. Lower-priced paints are typically thinner and require more coats to completely cover the exterior of the home. Higher-quality paints are usually thicker and will last longer. It is important to research the cost per square foot before making a decision.

The cost per square foot of house painting increases with the size of the house. A two-story home can cost 50% more than a one-story home. Approximately 1,500 to 2,500 square feet of paintable space are needed to paint a two-story home. The additional cost is largely due to the additional labor and equipment that is needed to reach all areas.

Equipment costs

Painting a house requires specific equipment and specialized materials. These items may include drop cloths and tarps for protecting the landscape from paint chips. The costs of painting a house will vary depending on the exterior of the house and the type of paint you need. For example, textured walls require more paint per gallon than smooth walls. Also, accent walls require extra paint and can cost up to 30% more than the other walls.

Specialized equipment, such as aerial lifts, can be expensive to rent and can be an added expense. Rental fees for these can range from $100 to $650 per day, though they can be cheaper when rented for a whole week or month. House painting projects can take a couple of days, so renting specialized equipment will make your job easier and more affordable.

Preparation before painting

If you are about to paint your house, it is important to do the proper preparation first. This house painting covington includes repairing any damage or flaws that are present. Check the walls and pay special attention to any areas that are rough, such as loose patches of old plaster and cracks around window frames. If you notice any of these areas, repair them with fresh plaster and seal them with a flexible sealant.

Before you start painting, you should wash the exterior of your house thoroughly. A pressure washer will help you get a thorough cleaning while saving you time. You can rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store. Don’t forget to use a mildewcide to prevent the paint from adhering to the exterior.