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Water Heater Parts – Gas Burner Assembly, Dip Tube, and Hot Water Discharge Pipe

Before you start replacing your water heater, it is important to understand how they work. This article will walk you through the different parts of a water heater. In particular, we’ll discuss the Gas burner assembly, Dip tube, and hot water discharge pipe. Once you know what they do, you can repair or replace them yourself.

Dip tube

Installing a new dip tube for a water heater is a relatively easy process. After you purchase a replacement dip tube, simply install it in the inlet. Make sure to install the new dip tube in the right direction. The curved end should be facing away from the drain valve and the threaded part should be three to four inches above the control valve. Then, replace the cold water pipe connector and tighten it to prevent it from falling off.

Pilot light

If you’re not sure if you should turn off the pilot light on your water heater, try the water heater replacement following simple steps. If it doesn’t turn off, you should turn up the thermostat to reduce energy use. You may need professional help if the problem is severe.

Gas burner assembly

Gas burner assemblies for water heaters contain several parts, including the main orifice, thermocouple, and gas supply tube. Unless all of these parts are in good condition, the burner will not light and will perform poorly. Proper combustion of the gas also requires an adequate amount of fresh air in the combustion chamber. You can check this using the small viewport located at the bottom of the unit.

Gas shut-off valve

A gas shut-off valve for a water heater is an extremely important safety feature that prevents a leak from a water heater. These valves are usually located on the inside of the house and are attached to black iron or gray galvanized pipe. If the valve is attached to flexible copper pipe, it is likely to be located near the furnace or water heater.

Tank-style water heaters

Tank-style water heaters use natural gas, liquid propane gas, or electricity to provide hot water to a household. Some types are hybrid, combining electric elements with heat pumps for extra energy efficiency. They are typically available in 50-gallon sizes and are recommended for homes with three to five people. They cost more if you need a larger capacity than 50 gallons.