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How Discount Fundraising Can Help Your Group

Discount Fundraising is a great way to help schools, non-profit organizations, and sports teams raise money for their programs. They have a wide selection of fundraisers for all types of events. They even offer programs to help with the fundraising process. To learn more about how they can help your group, check out the links below.


Discount Fundraising with GO-CARD is an easy way to earn money for your group without spending a large amount of time and effort. The card is a wallet-size plastic card with 12 discounts that members can use in local businesses. When members purchase a card, they present it at participating businesses to receive the discounts. The card is valid for a full year, which makes it a great fundraiser option.

These cards are very popular with fundraising groups, as they provide a substantial profit of up to 79%. They are also easy to sell and are convenient to handle, as they fit in a wallet. The most popular discount card fundraiser is the Dinner & Movie card, which supporters use to receive discounts at local restaurants and movie theaters. Each card is worth approximately $6.50, and it has been used for many different events.

Dinner & A Movie card

A Dinner & A Movie fundraising card is an easy and enjoyable fundraising idea that is a win-win for everyone. The purchaser receives great discounts and the movie house receives more customers. This Popcorn Fundraising type of fundraising card is also relatively inexpensive, costing just $4 per card. These cards can be purchased from thousands of retailers across the country.

The Dinner & A Movie card provides users with unlimited access to discount restaurant and movie deals for an entire year. The card includes up to 35% off movie tickets at major theaters across the country, as well as 50% off at over 50,000 restaurants. For just $10, this fundraising card also comes with a mobile app and a discount website.

Coupon books

If your organization wants to raise money through a discount fundraising campaign, you should try selling coupon books. These books are a great way to increase profits and build your fundraising program. However, you should carefully choose the companies and products that you want to sell in the book. If the companies and products are ones that your audience is likely to want, your coupon books will be more likely to sell.

Creating your own coupon books has many advantages. It doesn’t put any pressure on your organization to sell a certain number of books, as you would when ordering a pre-existing coupon book. You can also support local businesses by printing the books yourself instead of ordering them. You can even use a fundraising company that specializes in helping nonprofit organizations create their own coupon books.

Yard sale

One way to promote your fundraising event is to host a yard sale discount. These sales are known for their great deals and supporters will be glad to purchase items that will help further your cause. Organizers should consider a few factors before deciding how much to charge for items. Make sure to price items appropriately for both affordability and value. Supporters tend to spend more when supporting a cause, but they’re also looking for great deals. As such, a slightly used tennis racket shouldn’t cost twice as much as a brand new one.

The first step in planning a yard sale discount fundraiser is to get donated items. If you can, advertise your event early so that people have time to set aside items they don’t need. You can also consider hiring volunteers with trucks to pick up donated goods. If you plan to sell bigger items, you may want to schedule a pick-up day the day before the fundraiser.