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Storm Drain Check Valve Installation Tips

If you need to install a storm drain check valve in your house, there are some important tips you need to keep in mind. Before purchasing a check valve, it’s important to know what kind you need and the costs associated with installing it. Also, remember to follow the installation instructions that come with the valve.

Cost of storm drain check valve

The installation of a storm drain check valve must meet the City’s requirements for its installation. These include ensuring that the valve is installed as per sketch A, page 4 of the installation manual, and providing a detailed itemized invoice to the City. Some costs may be eligible for reimbursement, and some are not. If you plan to apply for City Cost Sharing, make sure you have all of the information you need.

The Public Works and Engineering Department oversees the reimbursement program for this type of installation. This can save you thousands of dollars in sewage cleanup costs. In addition, it is a good idea to consider the type of valve you need and its maintenance and flushing requirements.

Types of storm drain check valves

Different types of storm drain check valves have different functions. Some have flap gates that open and close to allow wastewater to flow out of the house, while others are designed to prevent backflow. If you plan to install a check valve in your main sewer line, be sure to install it in a convenient location and in an easily accessible location. If your check valve is located inside a wall or under a floor, you should install an access door or removable panels to access it. It is best to use a qualified plumbing contractor to install these devices, to ensure they are installed properly.

Another important benefit of using check valves in storm drains is to protect against flooding caused by storm surges and high tides. If your storm drain is in a low-lying area, seawater will enter the storm drain, causing flooding. This storm drain check valve can occur even on a sunny day. Using check valves in storm drains prevents this nuisance flooding and helps protect the salt sensitive vegetation surrounding storm drains.

Installation instructions

Storm drain check valves are a useful tool that keeps wastewater from backed up into the main sewer. A properly installed check valve can prevent thousands of dollars in sewage clean up costs. Depending on the type of valve used, installation can take anywhere from two to eight hours. A plumber can perform the installation process, and they can also give you tips for maintenance and flushing.

Stormwater systems are increasingly becoming an environmental and economic challenge. Municipalities and utilities are looking for ways to minimize the negative effects of excess water. Choosing the right check valve for the job is crucial to achieving the desired outcome. Here are some tips to help you choose the best valve for your storm drain.

– Installing a double check valve. Some check valves are designed to allow water to flow one way but prevent water from flowing backwards. Some types of check valves are prone to clogging and need to be replaced.