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Different Types of Dentures

There are several different kinds of dentures available in the market. These include metal, acrylic resin, and flexible polymer dentures. Getting the right type of denture for your mouth is crucial in avoiding complications and ensuring a comfortable fit. To choose the right one, you need to understand the pros and cons of each type.

Cantilever dentures

Cantilever dentures are supported by implants and are an alternative to conventional fixed partial dentures. However, there are disadvantages associated with these prosthetic devices. The primary advantage of cantilever-supported prostheses is their reduced cost. Another important advantage is their ability to avoid the need for surgical interventions or unwanted anatomical structures.

Metal dentures

Metal dentures can be made in a variety of styles to match your smile. Removable partial dentures are an option for patients who are partially edentulous. Patients may choose this Dentures option for aesthetic or functional reasons. They can also opt for this type of denture if they are unable to have a full bridge for various reasons, including financial constraints.

Acrylic resin dentures

Acrylic resin dentures can be made in a variety of ways. The process begins with mixing the polymer with a liquid. This mixture is called the denture base. The mixture will go through several stages, which may include the sandy, stringy, and dough stages. The latter two stages are characterized by the presence of more powder particles, making the mixture more elastic and prone to manipulation.

Flexible polymer dentures

The choice of materials for prostheses depends on a number of factors, including the clinician’s training and experience. The selection of denture resins is particularly critical if the patient has been using the prosthesis for a long period of time. The current study examined the flexural strength of two types of acrylic resins. The results revealed that one type of acrylic resin offered superior mechanical properties.

Metal-on-acrylic dentures

Metal-on-acrylic dentures are an excellent choice for people who want a partial denture without a metal base. These types of dentures do not touch the gum tissue and are generally easier to fit than acrylic dentures. They also cost less than acrylic partial dentures, which means they’re an excellent option for many people.

Plastic dentures

Plastic dentures are an excellent solution for missing teeth. This solution is flexible and practical, and is also less expensive than traditional metal dentures. In fact, modern plastic dentures can mimic the appearance of natural teeth. These are typically made of pink acrylic. They are made by injection molding and computer technology.

Metal-on-polymer dentures

If you are considering getting a denture, metal-on-polymer (MOP) is a great option. It’s a durable type of denture that does not touch the gum tissue. The metal base provides strength, and is separated from the gum tissue by a plastic liner. Unlike plastic-based dentures, metal dentures are thinner and more comfortable to wear. They also stay in place better and build less plaque.