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The Best Skateboard Trucks

Thunder trucks are one of the most popular truck brands in the world. They’re lightweight and known for their lightning-quick turning response, excellent board control and strength. They’re also very durable and guaranteed to last for life.

The kingpin design on all Thunder skateboard trucks has been optimized to ensure an optimally centered insertion into the baseplate, making turns direct and balanced, giving your truck a ridiculously fast reaction time. This makes your truck incredibly responsive and allows you to grind even harder than ever before!

These trucks are a great option for anyone who wants to take their skateboarding to the next level. They feature a double kingpin setup that allows for incredibly responsive turning.

They’re a little wider than Indys, so they’re more stable and work well on boards with 8 inches or more of width. They’re also lighter, weighing about 12 ounces for the pair.


If you’re on a tight budget but still want good turning and grinding, these trucks are a solid choice. They’re a bit stiffer than Independent or Thunder trucks but can be easily switched out for aftermarket bushings to change the feel.

You can also use these¬†thunder bay used trucks to rip the streets or ride a cruiser, but you should know that they’re not made for high-speeds and bombing steep hills because their steering response is so sensitive.

The most common complaints about these trucks are that they’re a little stiff and the mounting holes can stretch over time. This can make them unstable and can result in shaky rides, so be careful to avoid grinding curbs or jumping stairs.

This doesn’t mean that the trucks aren’t good, however, as they still have a lot of life left in them. You can upgrade them with new kingpins or bushings to make them more responsive, and you can even buy riser pads for additional lift.

If you’re not sure about which model to choose, check out the sizing guide below for a handy reference. You can then order the right size based on your skateboard’s width.

Team Editions and Lights

Thunder has a number of different styles of trucks including team versions and Lights that come with premium hollow kingpins. They’re available in 145, 147 and 149mm widths.

For extra height and wheel clearance, these trucks have forged baseplates and premium hollow kingpins. They are also a little taller than the standard Thunder 145s, so you can skate higher than you would with a normal 145 truck.

Titanium Lights

The lightest truck in the Thunder range, the Titanium Lights are a solid choice for those who like to grind and rip. The hollow kingpins and the extra strong titanium axle are designed to reduce weight without sacrificing stability.

They’re available in 145, 148 and 149mm widths and are designed to fit a wide variety of decks.

There are also a few different variations of these trucks, including the Hollow Lights and the Titanium Lights. These trucks feature a forged baseplate, hollow kingpin and a titanium axle that make them very light.