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How to Choose a Moving Company

Many people hire a moving company to pack, load, transport and unload their belongings from one home to another. There are several benefits to this service, including relieving stress and avoiding injury. A person could herniate a back, smash fingers or break bones while trying to move heavy items on their own. Professional movers have experience lifting and carrying loads that are too large for the average person to handle.

Customers should research the companies in their area and ask friends and family for recommendations. They should also check a company’s reputation online through sites like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot. Then, they should compare cost estimates. This will help them choose a company that provides the services they need at a reasonable price. They should also ensure that the company can accommodate their special needs, such as stairways and elevators, and that they aren’t paying for services they don’t need.

Some full-service movers offer instant quotes on their websites. Others require an in-person home inventory to calculate a price. Customers should ask about the estimated time for an in-home estimate and whether or not it’s binding. This will help them avoid surprises during the move. Customers should also compare the insurance options available from their top picks. Some companies offer more comprehensive policies, such as free valuation coverage, than others.

In addition to local and long-distance moves, some moving companies also provide storage and auto transportation. Customers can look for these services on their websites or contact a representative for more information. They can also search for a national moving company that offers specialized services, such as international relocations or military moves.

When choosing a moving company, it’s important to find out whether or not they are licensed to operate in the customer’s state. If they aren’t, the customer should beware of scams and should consider using a different company. Customers should also make sure the moving company has liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Additionally, they should look for the FMCSA’s database to see if the company is a carrier or broker.

Finally, customers should review the bill of lading before signing it. This document specifies the mover and the date/time of the move and indicates that the customer agrees to pay for the company’s services. If a customer has any questions, they should talk to the moving company’s representative before signing the document. Otherwise, the customer may have difficulty recouping damages or getting their money back if they later discover that the mover didn’t comply with regulations. The bill of lading is a legally binding contract between the customer and the moving company, so it’s important to read it carefully. Customers should also keep a copy of the document for themselves. This way, they can reference it if the company fails to follow through on its promises or charges them for extra services that they didn’t request. This could include fees for stairway and elevator access, stairs or oversized loads.