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Reasons For Fence Inspections

Fence inspections are a vital part of ensuring your home or business’s security, privacy and safety. These regular checks ensure that your fences are working correctly, and they allow you to identify areas in need of repairs or upgrades. During an inspection, you can also learn more about your fence, including how well it has stood up to the elements and what materials it is made of. This information can be helpful in determining your future plans for your fence, whether it’s for repairs or replacing the entire structure.


Most building departments require a fence inspection before a permit is issued. While these inspections aren’t mandatory for DIYers, they do help protect you from shady contractors who may be cutting corners or using less-than-quality materials. A good contractor will know what type of inspection you need and when to schedule it, so it’s always best to check with your local building department before starting your project.

The main reason to perform a fence inspection is to verify the quality of your fence’s construction. A professional inspector will walk through the entire fence, checking for proper placement and making sure that all the specifications on the permit application are met. For example, the inspector will ensure that the fence is no taller than the permitted height. They will also look at the gates to make sure they close and latch properly. In addition, the inspector will check that all of the post holes are the proper depths.

Another reason for a fence inspection is to discover any issues before they become problems. A good inspection will reveal any cracks or damage to the concrete or wood of your fences, as well as any sagging or leaning. If these issues are caught early, they can be repaired before they worsen.

Having an old, unattractive fence can leave your property vulnerable to intruders and small children who may try to escape through the gap between boards. A fence in disrepair can also be a trip hazard for anyone who is walking along it, as the debris can fall on them. This can be dangerous, especially for older individuals or those with physical disabilities.

Fences are often built on or near property lines, which can lead to disputes between neighbors. An inspector can be a neutral party to help resolve these conflicts, and they can verify that the fence is located within its allowed boundaries. Often, these inspections will include a visual inspection of the landscaping and property around the fence, which is important for determining if the fence is crossing a boundary. The inspection can also be used to determine whose responsibility it is to maintain the fence. In some cases, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility, while in others, it’s the property owner’s. Regardless of who’s responsible, it’s important that you have an effective and safe fence to protect your family or business. A thorough and regular inspection can help you maintain your fence for many years to come.