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How to Save Money on Condo Painting Cost of condo painting

Whether your condo is empty or fully furnished, there are several factors that can affect the cost of your paint job. The condition of the rooms will affect the cost, as will the type of paint, colours, and scope of the project. You may also want to have the ceilings painted to save on the cost of a smooth ceiling. To paint textured ceilings, you can choose a flat paint that has a low VOC content.

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove

If you are considering the use of white paint for your condo, you may want to try Benjamin Moore’s White Dove. This warm white has a hint of yellow in it and isn’t too yellow. Although this color is technically white, it’s not a true white because it contains some gray and yellow undertones. Nonetheless, you can still use it effectively to make your condo stand out from the rest.

Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak

If you’re looking for a light and soothing color for your condo painting toronto encorepaintingltd condominium, Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak is an excellent choice. This neutral is the perfect blend of gray and beige, with a warm undertone. Its light, greige hue has an endless amount of adaptability for interiors. Whether you’re painting the walls of a bedroom, living room, or kitchen, Pale Oak will bring elegance and style to any space.

EPA Lead Safe Certified contractor

To avoid lead poisoning, you need to hire an EPA Lead Safe Certified contractor for condo painting. Lead hazards are caused by improper work practices. EPA Lead Safe Certified contractors have been trained in these practices. They must submit environmental samples to a certified laboratory, which has shown it can properly analyze them. Additionally, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires contractors to notify property owners of lead hazards prior to any renovation activity. This can be done through a pamphlet called “Renovate Right” and by signing a certification form.

Low VOC coatings

When painting your condo, consider low VOC coatings. While many paints contain VOCs, a low-VOC option is better for many reasons. VOCs are gases that evaporate into the air and cause health concerns when inhaled. As the paint dries, VOCs begin to off-gas. These toxins are especially harmful in enclosed spaces, such as condos. They can also cause dizziness, irritation, and cancer.