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The WaStop backflow valve is an easy-to-install and durable device

The WaStop backflow valve is an easy-to-install and durable device. Its elastomer sleeve provides exceptional chemical resistance and shape retention. It can also withstand pressures up to 12 meters in the opposite direction. In addition, it features a memory membrane that ensures the valve opens whenever it’s needed. This device can protect your home or business from flooding, odours, and infiltration.

Rubber check valves

The Wastop backflow rubber check valve is an innovative device that has been used for over ten years in a wide range of applications. Its patented construction provides flood and odour protection as well as preventing backflow. Its unique design makes it easy to install and comes in several sizes and configurations, including horizontal, vertical, and inline.

Its rubber design allows it to easily slide over the existing pipe. It is held in place by heavy-duty stainless steel clamps. This prevents backflow from occurring from the outside. It is made of fungicide-resistant rubber.

Automatic backflow prevention

The Wastop automatic backflow prevention valve is an excellent choice for preventing backflow, flooding, and sewage odor. It is easy to install and can fit into most existing pipes. It can be installed at an inlet or outlet and is available in both PVC and PE materials. It also comes with an Access chamber that allows for easy access from the ground.

A WaStop backflow valve comprises a pipe and elastomer sleeve. The pipe can be made of pvc or stainless steel. The elastomer sleeve is made of a specially formulated elastomer that provides excellent shape retention and chemical resistance. The sleeve is designed to withstand several meters of pressure in the opposite direction while maintaining 100% sealing.

Inline non return valves

The Wastop inline non return valve is an ingenious design that provides the ultimate protection against flooding, backflow, and odour control. These valves can be installed horizontally or vertically and fit almost any existing pipe. They are easy to install, require no manual adjustment, and can be used for both inlet and outlet applications.

Installing Wastop inline non-return valves is an easy process, as the valves can be floated into place with the use of buoyancy bags. Installation only took a few days, and the valves were operational immediately. In addition to preventing backflow, Wastop prevents insects, flotsam, and gas infiltration in the pipeline.

Seawater infiltration prevention

Seawater infiltration is a major problem for coastal areas. Coastal flooding has long been a common problem in low-lying areas like Charleston, South Carolina, but with the increase in relative sea levels, flooding is also likely to become more frequent and severe. Fortunately, backflow prevention devices can help mitigate tidal flooding by preventing seawater from backing up into the drainage system and allowing stormwater to escape the system during receding tides.

There are several types of mechanical devices available to prevent backflow. These devices range in complexity from the simple to the complex.

Flotsam and insect infiltration prevention

With a unique patented construction, the Wastop backflow valve prevents flooding, odours and insects from entering the pipe. Whether it’s in a sewer line, water main, or a drain, this valve prevents all these things from getting into the pipeline. Plus, it also prevents the spread of sewage odor and flotsam from clogging up the pipeline.

The Wastop backflow valve is comprised of a flexible elastomer sleeve and a pipe made of either stainless steel or plastic. The sleeve is a specially-formulated blend of elastomers that provides excellent chemical resistance and shape retention. It can withstand several meters of pressure from opposite directions and automatically seals when the flow stops.