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What Does a Tree Service Do?

A tree service is a business that provides a variety of services to keep trees healthy. It can include pruning, pest control, fertilization, planting and removal of trees. Some tree services also provide stump grinding and firewood.

Many people hire a tree service when they notice that a tree is dying or needs to be removed. A qualified arborist can advise a homeowner on the best course of action for their property and safety. Tree care professionals should always have the necessary certification and insurance coverage to perform any work. They also need specialized equipment to properly maintain and remove large trees.

Trees are a natural part of the landscape, but they can become damaged by disease or weather events. If a storm damages a tree or its branches, a professional tree service can help to restore it and prevent further damage to the property. Some tree services can even plant new trees for the property owners.

Startup costs for a tree service can be very high. The initial investment includes buying equipment, including a truck, safety gear, ladders and chainsaws. It also includes a warehouse, auto and equipment insurance and workers’ compensation. Ongoing expenses include payroll, invoicing software and an accountant.

There are many types of trees in Michigan, and each one has its own unique needs. A skilled arborist can recommend the right type of tree for a particular location and explain the benefits of each. They can also offer advice about pruning, fertilization and pest control.

Pruning is a critical tree service that helps to keep trees healthy and attractive. A trained professional can prune a tree to reduce its overall height, improve its appearance and promote growth. Tree trimming should be done regularly, especially after a storm. Trees can grow quickly, and a professional can make sure that they don’t overgrow the property.

Stump grinding is another important tree service that can help with the aesthetics of the landscape. It can also be beneficial for the health of the soil. Stump grinding uses a machine that grinds the remaining parts of the stump and roots, which helps to reduce weed growth and soil erosion.

A tree service can also offer a variety of other services, such as mulching, which helps to retain moisture and prevent weeds from growing. It can also help to make the surrounding area of the tree look more polished and tidy. Pest control is another important tree service, as it can help to protect the health of the trees by removing pests such as caterpillars, spruce budworms and pine beetles.

A tree service can also help with clearing and leveling land. This can be beneficial if you are planning to build an addition on your home or want to create a garden. It is important to have a professional perform this service so that you don’t harm the integrity of the surrounding trees or damage underground utilities. They can mark any buried pipes, water, power, gas and phone lines that are in the area before starting work.